All Things Black & Gothic

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Whether it’s a classic black look you’re after or a gaming look with a slightly more sinister twist, we have plenty of ideas to get you looking at updating your gaming & office look. From gaming monitors and chairs to chair mats and computer desks, gothic style cushions, inspiration is aplenty.

Computer Gaming Cockpit
DHTOMC Computer Gaming Cockpit


It’s just missing a fridge next to it but this super sleek and stylish gaming cockpit will show anyone that you’re the real deal.

Imperator Gaming Set Up
IW – 320 Imperator Gaming Set up


This wouldn’t look out of place at NASA and costs about the same as their annual budget but I mean, come on, how cool is it!!

Office Black Leather Chair
HIZLJJ Black Leather Chair


One word will do it; Wow. The ultimate black leather office chair that you could easily have an executive sleep in.

JSNRY Black Leather Gaming Chair
JSNRY Black Leather Gaming Chair


An unbelievably cool gaming chair in a racing style will certainly knock your little cotton socks off.

GT Player Black Gaming Chair
GT Player Black Gaming Chair
BLTLYX Black Gaming Chair
BLTLYX Black Gaming Chair
HP OMEN X Emperium 65 inch gaming monitor
HP 65" Gaming Monitor in Black


This HP 65″ 4K gaming monitor is simply outstanding and will leave you wide eyed for days!

Alienware 55inch 4k black gaming monitor
Alienware 4k Black Gaming Monitor


The Alienware 4k OLED UHD gaming monitor is a superb piece of kit, destined for you and your gaming set up.

LKNJLL 44" Black Gaming Desk
LKNJLL 44" Black Gaming Desk


Built to help relive spine curvature & bad posture. Comes with cup holder & cable management space.

62" Gaming Desk
TY & WJ 62" Black Gaming Desk


This 62″ ergonomic, ‘G’ shaped gaming desk even comes with its own headset hook. Sleek & very stylish.

1.2m Black Gaming Desk
Topsky 1.2m Black Gaming Desk
Arozzi Black Gaming Desk
Arozzi Arena Leggero Black Gaming Desk

Gothic themed accessories

If you’re looking to create a darker, gothic style for your gaming set up, take some inspiration from the below with some suggestions for computer chair mats and carpets as well as cushions to support.

Gothic Computer Chair Mat
Gothic Computer Chair Mat
3D Gothic Carpet Mat
3D Skull Mat
Gothic Skull Cushion
Gothic Skull Cushion
Gothic Raven Cushion
Gothic Raven Cushion