PC Components

Getting the right components for your gaming pc

Making sure that you have the right component for your gaming pc build is not just a nice to have but it’s fundamental to your gaming experience. Whether you’re in need of better graphics or a higher processing power our guides will help you to make the right choice.

CPUs / Processing

Intel 9th Generation CPU

Your CPU is an essential component to both your gaming pc build and your gaming experience; a CPU without much power will struggle to even run Boggle never mind League of Legends. It is referred to as as “the brains” of a computer, so make sure you’re aiming for a Stephen Hawking when buying one.


If the CPU is a computer’s brain then the Graphics Processing Unit or GPU (a term first used by Sony & then coined by Nvidia in the late 1990s) is the creative, interpretive side of things. An underperforming GPU is like trying to look at paintings in an art gallery through dirty glasses.


MSI Meg z490 Godlike Motherboard


You can probably tell by the name but Motherboards are the centre of your gaming pc because that’s where all the components come together.

They consist of; CPU sockets, RAM/ memory that goes into DIMM slots, GPUs, sound cards etc that go in the PCI slots. HDDs / SSDs will also connect but make sure you’ve got the right configuration before buying.


RAM or Random Access Memory pretty much does what it says; stores your computers programmes, applications etc. so it’s no surprise that the better your RAM the more capable your gaming pc will be in ‘multi-tasking’.