Gaming Consoles

We’ve been playing gaming consoles since Pong, Atari and Commodore 64, so we’ve played a lot of games & tested a lot of consoles. Whatever gaming console you are into PC Play has it covered.


Nintendo is one of the oldest and most well know of the gaming companies and could rightly claim to be the Disney of the gaming world, with Mario stepping into Mickey’s shoes. 

The latest Nintendo consoles are the Switch & Switch Lite and trust us, you can spend days on these!


Original PlayStation logo


Sony’s PlayStation was first introduced in December 1994 and was actually the first console to sell over 100M units. The PS4 was released in February 2013 with the PS5 being the most recent release in November 2020.


Microsoft’s Xbox console was first launched in November 2001 as a way of combatting the perceived threat of Sony’s PlayStation; and it’s been a battle of locked horns ever since. The latest Xbox Series, X & S, was launched in November 2020.