Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Handheld consoles have been hit and miss over the years but it’s pretty much universally agreed that Nintendo have the best track record. Their crowning glory, at least in my opinion, is the Nintendo Switch, a flexible use console that both excels at handheld gaming and at the very least, still manages to hold up as a standard console using a monitor.

The Nintendo Switch is extremely versatile allowing users to play wherever & whenever they want, as well as 3 gameplay modes being available. Being a hybrid console it can be used either as a ‘home’ console (plugged into your tv or monitor) or a portable device.

Combined the Switch & Switch Light have sold over 68 Million units worldwide (Since September 2020) & have provided a renaissance to Nintendo’s first line of games such as; Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Odyssey & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Nintendo Switch Lite

The latest addition to the Nintendo console family is the Switch Light that was released in September 2019 and which pretty much does what you’d expect. It’s smaller and lighter, specifically designed for gaming on the go and come in a plethora of pastel colours.