Fix: How to Hear People

It sounds basic, but trust us there’s nothing more irritating than screaming into your mic on Discord and no one being able to hear you. We’re hear to offer up the mostly likely fixes to the problem, we don’t cover everything, but these are definitely your best bets to get the issue fixed nice and quick.

Can’t Hear People on Discord (How To Fix)

Methods 1:

  1. Turn On The Subsystem Of Legacy Audio– Here’s the step by step:
  • Open the discord.
  • Go to the gear icon also known as user settings to the right of the avatar in device.
  • Select the video and audio option.
  • Select the subsystem option.
  • Toggle the use of the legacy Audio feature.
  • After the dialog box appears to click on it.
  • Select the ESC button, and (fingers crossed) the issue should be solved
  • You’ll want to make sure your Communication device is on default, to do this:
  • Select the sound icon by the right click.
  • Click on the playback device option.
  • Then the option of default device will appear to you click on it.
  • Select the apply button after following the guided steps shown in the default device.
  • After everything is done click on the ok button and you should be able to beg your team mates for support or scream at the slackers with ease!

Steps To Use Input And Output Sound Correctly-

The following steps are needed to use the correct input and output sound system-

  • Visit the discord page.
  • Find the gear icon and select on it.
  • Click on to the video and audio option.
  • Select the input and output option.
  • Visit the drop down bar and click on the audio device of correction.
  1. Refreshing Discord- Check whether your discord is releasing too many updates that may cause crashing the sound system files.
  2. Practice Using The Web Version- If you follow these steps and you’re still having trouble, giving the Discord web version a try. This will let you know if the problem is in your mic, your app, etc. Plus it means you can get back into the game when you need to and fix up the issue when everyone’s not waiting for their healer/sniper/jungler to join the team.

Still having trouble? Comment below and we’ll try and help out as many of you as possible! Likewise, if it works let us know, we love a good news story.