How to Update Discord

Ahhhh the joys of trying to get a program to update when it really doesn’t seem to want to. Well if you’re fighting with Discord at the moment trying to get it to properly update, we’ve collated the most likely fixes to the issue. Read on and hopefully, we can get you back to shouting abuse and encouragement at your fellow gamers in no time.

Fix 1 –  Launch Discord as Admin

Yes, yes of course you’re running the app as admin… but just for a moment give it a double check. Lets be honest we’ve all overlooked this one at one time or another and for some odd reason the app just hasn’t started in admin mode. To double check it you should:

Right-click on the Discord icon on your desktop and select “run as administrator”.

  1. Discord will launch and the update should complete. Simple!
    Fix 2 – Reinstall Discord
  2. So if that first step didn’t work it’s time to start tackling the issue a little more directly. First off you should try reinstalling the app via your programs and features section. We’d also recommend downloading a new installer via the Discord website here, just in case there’s something wrong with your original file.
Fix 3 – Disable Windows Defender and double check antivirus software

If you’re using Windows 10 you might want to switch off the inbuilt antivirus protection software ‘Windows Defender’ it can get a little too protective at times and step in to stop completely normal programs doing what they’re supposed to.

  1. Type “Settings” in the search bar in the bottom left of your screen
  2. Navigate to “Update & Security” then select ” Windows Security” > Virus & Threat Protection> Manage Settings
  3. Toggle the “Turn on real-time protection” off
  4. Save & Exit

It’s also worth doing similar checks on any other anti virus software you have installed on your PC or laptop, for example Avast or AVG have been known to stop downloads and updates of programs like Discord. The exact step by steps are different for each but if you’re having trouble with a specific one let us know in the comments and we’ll do a specific step by step on how to stop it blocking your updates.

If all else fails – contact Discord directly here.

Did you have any luck? Let us know which fix worked for you and if you know any others that we didn’t mention make sure to share them with anyone else having the same issue below.