Models, Monitors & Touchscreens


The latest version of the Raspberry Pi is No. 4, Model B, which is available either to buy as a standalone piece of kit or you can buy a starter kit that contains all the other essentials that you’ll need; SD Card, Raspberry Pi case and cooling fans (we prefer the starter kits that are super easy to put together and should take you no longer than about 10mins). 

The main difference between between starter kits is the additional accessories and the size of the SD Card that comes with them – usually it’s either 32GB or higher (32GB is a pretty good start for most people). 

If you’re looking for something more challenging then there are a number of full kits combined with learning projects that are available. We’d recommend these for the slightly more advanced user, as some of them come with coding projects and options to ‘build’ your Raspberry Pi up with different components (pi-top 4 is a good example).


The Raspberry PI 4 Model B Starter Kit, complete with 64GB SD Card & pre-loaded with Raspbian. 


The Raspberry PI 400 is the complete Raspberry Pi 4 all based within a ‘PC’

The whole kit, Raspberry Pi 4 already installed, 32GB SD Card & wireless keyboard & mouse.

The pi top (4) comes with over 100 hours of coding projects for serious Pi’ers, Raspberry Pi 4 with foundation kit & 30mins of training!

You can buy just the Raspberry Pi 4B with 8GB RAM and then get your own case & fans, enabling you to build your own custom Raspberry Pi set up.

The Pi 4with 8GB RAM Starter kit is another that is tremendous value for money & will get you started. Comes with 8GB of RAM & 63GB SSD Card.

Monitors & Touchscreens

Go BIG (or at least bigger) with a portable monitor and see your projects and gaming come to life in 4K detail with Raspberry Pi compatible monitors. All the monitors featured below are Raspberry Pi compatible.

Touchscreen technology you will gain a whole new experience with how you interact with your Raspberry Pi and turn it into anything from a touchscreen tablet to an ‘infotainment system’. Probably worth having a look at our Raspberry Pi projects to see what else you can do!


This 15.6″ portable monitor is brilliant for Raspberry Pi’ers who want to see there work & even gaming in 4K . Even comes with Eye Care built in.


13.3″ Portable 4K monitor with built in speaker & HDMI cable will give you stunning HD views of anything and everything from your Raspberry Pi


10.1″ portable LCD touchscreen technology for your Raspberry (hand not included). 


7″ portable touchscreen monitor. Perfect for those little things that need to be carried around. 

Official Raspberry Pi 7" Touch screen

Official Raspberry Pi Touch screen
Official Raspberry Pi 7" Touch screen

The official Raspberry Pi 7″ touch screen monitor is a doddle to set up; basically plug in and play. Great value for money.