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Destiny Season of the Chosen Roadmap

It’s that time again Destiny fans, the latest season is kicking off with Season of the Chosen. Following the largely “meh” Season of the Hunt that kicked off the latest expansion ‘Beyond Light’, Season of the Chosen is expected to really show off what Bungie have in store for their looter shooter addicts in 2021.

Here’s it all in a fancy image but we’ll dig a little deeper below:


At launch (February 9th):

  • New social space H.E.L.M., where you can use the Prismatic Recaster (used to decrypt Umbral Engrams, which are returning) and upgrade your Hammer of Proving (to unlock different pursuits and rewards at the Battlegrounds) at the War Table vendor. Plus it’s taking us back to the Destiny 1 tower and that’s just nice.
  • Debut of the Battlegrounds activity (Behemoth and Hailstone maps available) for Season pass holders
  • Two new Strikes (Devil’s Lair and Fallen Saber from Destiny 1)
  • Stasis Aspect quests begin
  • The debut of Seasonal Challenges, replacing Weekly Bounties and will offer new ways to earn XP and other rewards week-by-week:
  • New Pursuit weapon, the Breech Loaded Grenade Launcher ‘Salvager’s Salvo’, rewarded from a Strike, Gambit or Crucible quest of your choice:
  • The usual Seasonal content – including a battle pass with 100 tiers of rewards, seasonal artifact, new Power level cap, and new exotics to earn.
  • A third landing zone in Europa.

February 12th

  • Return of Trials, with new gear drops (oh boy I wish I was good enough to get this stuff…)

February 16th

  • New Battleground map (Cleansing) for Season Pass holders

February 23rd

  • New Battleground map (Oracle) for Season Pass holders
  • Iron Banner

March 23rd

  • New Strike (Proving Grounds) early access for Season pass holders
  • Iron Banner

March 30th

  • New Strike (Proving Grounds) available for all players, debuts in Nightfall activity

April 13th

  • Iron Banner

April 20th

  • Guardian Games event begins

May 7th to May 9th

  • Guardian Games event closing ceremony

May 11th

  • Season of the Chosen concludes

There’s also a rumoured Pulse Rifle exotic quest due to release at some point during the season, with some spooky and cryptic teasers being pushed by Destiny since the seasons release. More on that as it’s confirmed!

Also the usual Valentine’s Day event Crimson Days will be skipping 2021 (personally I couldn’t care less but less us know below if you’re livid) and the long-awaited updates to crossplay, transmog and the return of the Vault of Glass will be coming later in the year.

What’s got you most hyped and what do you think of the season so far? We’re feeling a little underwhelmed but we think it’s more because we don’t have all the juicy Beyond Light content to be getting stuck into for the first time as well as the seasonal content.

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