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Mycroft AI: Mark II Enhanced Dev Kit Arrives!

Mycroft Mark II Enhanced Dev Kit package


After months of waiting the Mycroft Mark II Enchanced Dev Kit has finally arrived!!

Mycroft Mark II: Enhanced Dev Kit

Mycroft announced last year the next stage of their open source Voice Assistant & the timing couldn’t have been better. With privacy concerns stepping up a gear, despite Alexa & whoever else flying off the ‘shelves’, there was a demand for something that didn’t exploit your privacy or combine all your innocent questions into something sinister (although law enforcement agencies were happy their job was being assisted).

What is Mycroft & Why am should I be interested?

Mycroft is the first opens source Voice Assistant that, as it’s open source, can pretty much run anywhere; especially on OS such as Raspberry PI. This means that it can be developed & its uses pushed by a whole crowd, rather than waiting for updates and developments from a core company. As with anything that’s open source the only real barrier is imagination. 

So far it can do all the basics that any voice assistant can do; answer questions (keep them clean people), provide everyday help such as date, time, weather & also be used as a music centre.

However, if that wasn’t enough for you it’s default setting doesn’t collect or mine any of your data – you can run commands to even check, unlike certain sneaky search engines that will still do so even when you ask them not to.

What can I do with the Mark II Dev kit?

Mycroft II Enhanced Dev Kit Contents


There’s a basic set of ‘skills’ that Mycroft can perform but the one that I’ll be looking at (in the Lab) will be utilising it as not just a Voice Assistant with a nice accent but turning it into a music centre (Note: I have tried this before but have since upgraded some hardware). 

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