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Top 6 Sheds for Gamers or Even Just an Alternative Office Space

20x12 Apex Garden Shed
Got £20K? Then this is right up your street (or garden)

There’s a severe lack of space in PC Play towers, not just for the physical objects but also somewhere quieter, where you can think, do your job and not be asked ‘what’s for dinner?’, ‘have you put the washing out?’, ‘should we bring the washing in?’ etc.

So, as lockdown is easing slightly but the office is still a way off we thought about daydreaming for some solutions to find that quiet bit of space. The first was by a separate house but then we settled on sheds. Yes sheds. Stick them in your garden T slope off whenever you can. Here’s our top 5 fantasy sheds for gaming / computer set ups. 

Have a look at our Gaming Rooms section for some ideas on how to kit them out!

The ‘grandmaster’ of garden sheds, whatever than means. This 24 x 10ft shed comes with a 15 year warranty & some windows (we plumped for this one as no windows would feel like a prison or really bad holiday chalet). Plenty of room & should keep out the elements!


Police approved probably means it was tested of protestors or immigrants so we imagine it’s really sturdy & will keep all your gaming equipment safe & secure (it is crowbar resistant). We picked it because somehow we thought the Police of Asgard turning up would be pretty cool, although the not sure about the sound of the rain hammering on it or how hot it would get in the summer.

This extreme weather resistant, construction grade, shed is likely to appeal to the more hardcore gamers laying Call of Duty to the wee small hours. Quite a tough nut at 11 x 13.1m it is available with or without floor; we’d recommend getting the floor in case any rogue badgers bury underneath & help them selves to your computer & gaming kit. 

This robust & durable beauty comes in at 3.85m x 2.59m x 1.78m & has vents for well needed ventilation. Yes, it might not be the prettiest, it does look a little Hicksville  but it does have a little side part for sitting out under when it’s warm.

11m x 2m environmentally friendly shed that’s resistant to cold, heat & weathering (wish I was). We can just imagine this being in the Cotswolds or somewhere,

OK, so technically this is a super posh wendy house & you’re probably thinking – “How am I going to get my gaming pc in there, nevermind my chair / fridge”. All we can say is it has a balcony & fits up to 8 kids in there, so there’s plenty of room!

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