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Work Out & Fitness: Spring / Summer 2021 Tech & Gadgets

It’s not going to be too much longer before the doors of lockdown oppression are flung wide and society takes its first steps back. However, it’s likely that those steps are going to be heavier than when they went in, so we’ve put together a selection of the latest tech & gadgets to get you & your heart rate moving. We’ve even though of the cat.

Fitness / Smart Watches

Most fitness & smart watches will at least monitor your steps, distance travelled & heart rate but we’ve selected the best of the bunch that will also keep you & your personal or even business life on the move together.  

The elegant looking Fitbit Versa 2 looks classy in this Petal / Copper Rose finish. Built in Alexa, along with the usual heart monitor & sleep tracking, will keep you on the pulse


 Huawei’s GT 2 smart watch gives you the choice of 15 different sport & work out modes, as well as bluetooth calling whilst you’re doing them. 1.39″ 3D & smart battery.


The Garmin 230 does nearly everything; heart rate tracker, recovery advisor & uploads to Garmin Connect for real time coaching & tracking of steps, distance & pace. Oh, & it’ll even customise training for you.


The Samsung Galaxy 3 smart watch is more for those people who want their tech & some subtle fitness. All the usual texts, WhatsApp & calls but also step counter & sleep tracker for overall wellbeing.

Where am I? Cycling & GPS fitness gadgets

Most or at least some smart watches will give you an idea as to where you are but the ‘smart’ money is really on those that can plot your route in line with your fitness requirements.

See by some as the flagship of all Smart Watches, Apple’s new S6 will measure workouts for running, yoga, swimming & cycling that’s up to 20% faster than the previous S5. Measure heart rate with ECG app & also blood oxygen & all the usual bumpf for texts, calls & GPS.



Built in navigational sensors should mean you won’t get lost but in case you do there’s room for 500 songs & contactless payment.

Stylish design with bluetooth & GPS that comes with professional outdoor training for skiing, golf & bad weather warnings. 

Swimming & triathlon: Smart watches & tech

If you’re requirements are for something that’s a little more specific for working out or doing triathlons i.e. waterproof here are a few ideas.

These heart rate monitors for triathlon & swimming are lightweight & specifically designed for running, swimming & cycling. Transfers to Garmin compatible devices. 

Personal coaching on your wrist (step by step if you really need it) & syncs with most computers / OS. This Adidas version comes with unique Adidas coaching experiences.

If money was no object

If you happen to have an open cheque book or unlimited funds & are desperate to have the very best (or at least most expensive fitness kit) we’ve put together a few things that you’ll need*

*Along with regular exercise & a balanced diet 

This Multifunctional, 3 in 1 Exercise Machine comes with an exercise bike, treadmill & elliptical machine. Perfect for cross training & those who don’t have a lot of room to store fitness equipment or even need to take it ‘on the go’ (as it is easily folded to transport around. 

The ultimate in non-slip indoor cycling for exercising, all down to the liquid immersion technology that means it’s an elegant as well as comfortable ride. Pedal the hours away!


Looking more like something that Dr. Spock would use when contacting Scotty this is the highest of high end kit for body shaping. It features 10 electronically separated outlets, with special Ultrawave signal & TENS Microcurrent for comfort.

If you’re looking to have what amounts to a small hospital on your wrist then this is it. Featuring; built-in PPG optical  heart rate sensor that detects your heart rate in real time, 0.1c accurate thermometer, sleep monitor & pedometer. Oh and it also takes calls. 

Pet Fitness


Ok, technically not tech but check this out! Purrfect for those cats that have are carrying Christmas weight & need to get beach body ready. This solid wood exercise wheel can take the weight of the heaviest kitty (load baring tested to 176lbs).

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