User Names & Passwords

Raspberry’s all come with default usernames and passwords, which most people (ahem, me) never bother changing. This isn’t the smartest idea, especially when you’re trying to set up any project that requires internet access. So our advice is to change them ASAP. 

The table at the end of this article gives a list of most of the common default default passwords but for now we’ll stick to the Raspberry Pi 4B (running on Raspbian). Note that this is the solution that I used and it worked for me.

Changing Root Password

When I have been trying to connect my Raspberry to another device, such as a tablet, I have needed to find out what the Username and Password of my Raspberry (note that it is running on Raspbian) is. By default they should be the below: 

Username: pi

Password: raspberry

This should be simple enough to type into the Terminal / Command line as and when prompted but I did have several issues with nether being recognised so I had to change the password as a troubleshooting exercise. Problem is, how do you change the Raspberry root password when you don’t know it or even worse…can’t remember it?

Open up the Terminal and type in the below to reset the root password of your Raspberry (you can also use this method if you / or someone else forgets another User’s password): 

sudo passwd root

New password:

Retype new password:

passwd: password updated successfully

That should do the trick but I had to go around the houses to find that (simple) solution. If you need something more advanced you may either need to eject & reset the password on your SD card (info here) or even start your Raspberry in Safe Mode and start again – but this solution should be the very last resort.

Adding Users

Adding another User to your Raspberry set up is pretty easy. Open the Terminal and enter the following: 

sudo adduser (name)

That’s it. You’ll be prompted to enter a password but if you don’t want to just leave it blank. 


Raspberry Pi -Default Logins & Passwords

As mentioned earlier below is a list of the default usernames and passwords for Raspberry Pi depending on what you’re running:

Default Login & P/words

Raspberry OS Login Password
Raspbian pi raspberry
Arch Linux ARM root root
Debian pi raspberry
DietPi root dietpi
Kali Linux root toor
Lakka Linux root root
LibreElec root libreelec
Open Elec root openelec
OSMC osmc osmc
QtonPi root rootme
RasPlex pi rasplex
Retropie pi raspberry
ROKOS rokos rokos
Ubuntu Server ubuntu ubuntu

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